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Hello World Notebook

Clone the Sample Repo

To get started, first you'll need to clone our sample repo. To do so, execute the following command:

git clone

Next, change into the 03-road-signs directory:

cd SAME-samples
cd 03-road-signs

This is a complete data fetching, data engineering and model training example in three steps.

Check the Requirements Work With the Container and the Notebook

This step is optional, and requires that you have Docker running locally. If you don't, you can skip straight to deploying the pipeline to your Workflow Engine.

same verify

Note: this step can fail spuriously when run on a different architecture versus the workflow engine (e.g. M1 Mac).

Deploy Pipeline to Workflow Engine

Finally, deploy your notebook to your environment. If you are using Kubeflow, you would execute the following command:

same run

This command converts the notebook into a multi-stage pipeline, and deploys it to your previously configured Kubeflow.

In the Kubeflow UI, click on Pipelines -> Experiments to see your runs!


Try Your Own Notebook

Try running

same init

And then

same verify

And finally

same run

In an empty folder with your own notebook in it!

If you have any issues, please report a GitHub issue or come tell us on Slack!