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Working with Datasets

You may wish to use different datasets in your notebook depending on which environment it is deployed to. The sameproject SDK allows you to configure environment-specific datasets in your SAME config file, and load them in a uniform way inside your notebook.

Add the SDK as a Requirement

First, you will need to add sameproject to your configured requirements.txt file:


Update SAME Config

Next, configure environment-specific datasets in the datasets section of your same.yaml config file:

SAME config file contents

Note that SAME supports local files and web URLs as well as the IPFS protocol.

Load the Dataset in your Notebook

Finally, you can load your dataset in an environment-specific way using the sameproject.sdk module in your notebook:

sameproject SDK notebook

When you deploy your notebook to an execution backend using same run, the environment that has been specified either through notebook tags or the --same-env flag will be used to load the appropriate dataset in your notebook:

same run --same-env=staging